What we do

We partner with Hospital and Health Services (HHSs), clinicians and consumers to drive measurable improvements in patient care through the continual pursuit of excellence.

Clinical Excellence Queensland (CEQ) does this by identifying, monitoring and promoting improvements in the quality of health services delivered by service providers (both HHSs and private health facilities, globally and within Queensland), and supporting and facilitating the dissemination of best-practice clinical standards and processes that achieve better outcomes for our patients.

The division is also accountable for setting and supporting the direction for mental health, alcohol and other drug services in Queensland, as well as monitoring and reporting on performance.

CEQ is also the conduit for the Queensland Clinical Senate and clinical networks to engage with the department, and provides professional leadership for clinicians through the Office of the Chief Dental Officer, Office of the Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, Office of the Chief Allied Health Officer, and Office of the Chief Medical Officer. Also located within the division is the Chief Psychiatrist, as well as the Chief Medical Officer.

Our vision

Creating solutions for better healthcare.

Our mission

We partner with health services, clinicians and consumers to drive measurable improvement in patient care through continual pursuit of excellence. The Clinical Excellence Queensland’s strategy map details how we will achieve both our vision and mission.

Our structure

The Clinical Excellence Queensland’s organisational structure has nine reporting lines, with overall support provided by the Office of The Deputy Director-General.

Last updated: 16 November 2022